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EasySeal Putty Sealantâ„¢

Is a self-bonding, pliable, tacky and flexible adhesive sealing tape. EasySeal adheres to fibreglass, metal, aluminium, plastics, concrete, glass and most porous surfaces. The sealant tape offers an instant waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof bond for optimum sealing.

Easy to Apply

EasySeal Putty Sealantâ„¢ is currently utilized in a variety of industries. To apply the product, firstly make certain the surface area is clean, dry and free of any loose foreign material then simply stick the putty to the surface and remove the silicone paper where applicable.


The sealant tape requires no mixing and has no curing time as it remains malleable and pliable for over 20 years. The product never hardens, cracks or loses adhesion and is fully paintable without any primer preparation required.