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What is EasySeal Putty Sealant™

EasySeal Putty Sealant™ is a self-bonding, pliable, tacky and flexible adhesive sealing tape. EasySeal adheres to fibreglass, metal, aluminium, plastics, concrete, glass and most porous surfaces. The sealant tape offers an instant waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof bond for optimum sealing.

Advantages of using EasySeal Putty Sealant™
The sealant tape requires no mixing and has no curing time as it remains malleable and pliable for over 20 years. The product never hardens, cracks or loses adhesion and is fully paintable without any primer preparation required. EasySeal Putty Sealant™ is salt spray and mildew resistant. The product is 100% UV resistant. EasySeal Putty Sealant will remain stable from -40°c to +160°c. The product is non toxic/non hazardous.


EasySeal Putty Sealant™ is currently utilized in a variety of industries including but not limited to DIY home, Industrial, Automotive, Marine, Electrical and Mining.

To apply the product, firstly make certain the surface area is clean, dry and free of any loose foreign material then simply stick the putty to the surface and remove the silicone paper where applicable. The following are a few tried and tested applications. Apply the non conductive tape to most electrical applications. Use the product as a double sided tape to display light weight Perspex signage, hang a mirror in the shower (mildew resistant), hang certificates & picture frames, posters, security system passives and key pads.

Instantly seal a toilet waste pipe, washing machine or dishwasher waste, swimming pool waste. Pipes & fittings, Pool lights. Seal gutters & down pipes. Seal cracks in farm dams. Stick a little square over a leaking roofing screw. Apply as a lap seal across two roofing sheets. Seal a caravan or trailer nose cone or a leaking cup holder on a boat deck. Seal a 4x4 snorkel or floor panels on an older 4x4. Use as an anti vibration application on a cooling fan cowl or to seal a plastic curtain in a car door panel. The range of applications is limited only by your imagination.

Crack nor lose adhesion when subjected to bending, elongation, expansion or contraction. (Even at low temperatures).
Soften and flow out of the joint.
Lose adhesion.
Break-down nor flow out of a joint, due to sound or wind vibration.

Adhere to metal, glass, porcelain, concrete, plastic, polycarbonate, wood, and marble.
Retain tack and adhesion.
Remain elastic from -20˚C to 120˚C.
Allow movement due to expansion and contraction.
Resist moisture vapour transmissions. (Prevents moisture from passing through the seal.) No fogging of glass or rusting of metal.
Absorb vibrations and sound.
Reduce sound by absorption.

Self Healing.
Chemical, weather and age resistant.
Resistant to acids, alkali’s and salts.
Resistant to mildew.
Salt spray resistant.
Age Resistant.

An effective life of more than 20 years.
A high heat resistance of up to 160˚C.
A low temperature resistance of -40˚C.


Our sealants are noted in field performance and in laboratory tests for permanent flexibility, outstanding age resistance and resistance to hardening. On the other hand, sealants based on, or containing substantial amounts of unsaturated oils, resins, polymers and bitumen, although initially performing well, will oxidise in time and cure or harden to give a stiff or brittle end result. Whereas sealants not based on polyisobutylene and butyl rubber, will under the influence of heat, vibration, oxygen and ultra-violet radiation, degrade within a comparatively short period of time. South Africa has the highest incidence of U.V radiation in the world (Vereeniging).