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  • Easyseal Putty Sealants are self bonding, pliable, tacky and flexible adhesive sealing tapes that adhere to fibreglass, metal, aluminium, plastics, concrete, glass and most porous surfaces. The sealant tapes offer an instant waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof bond for optimum sealing.
  • The sealant tapes require no mixing and have no curing time as they remain malleable and pliable for over 20 years. The product never hardens, cracks or loses adhesion and is fully paintable without any primer preparation required. The product is 100% UV resistant and was tested in a UV cabinet for over 9000 hours with zero degradation.


  • Easyseal Putty Sealants will remain stable with a temperature range of -40°c to +160°c and will not leach or run out of a join or a surface to surface application.
  • The product is non toxic / non hazardous and is currently utilized in the Marine, Automotive, Electrical, Mining, Agriculture, DIY, Food processing, Cold / freezer rooms, Cold trucks, Construction and Caravan Manufacturing industries to name a few. The product contains zero metal particles or filler materials (cork etc.). The product is salt spray and mildew resistant.


  • Easyseal Tape is manufactured in Gauteng South Africa and is certified as a Green Building product.


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